On-Demand Product Showcase Webinar:

Business Banking & upSWOT

Mandy Lopez
Product Manager Lead - Alkami
Adam Dolby
SVP Channel Partnerships & Alliances - upSWOT
Give small businesses visibility & control of their data

Small businesses have a wealth of data but often lack the tools to connect and translate it to make it actionable. The same may apply to your bank or credit union.

upSWOT’s business insights powered by Alkami’s digital banking data gives small businesses the visibility and control they need to make better business decisions backed by cash flow forecasts and data modeling. upSWOT also leverages the businesses’ data to increase overall satisfaction and loyalty by giving your relationship managers a crystal ball to evaluate business health and viability as well as deliver personalized and relevant offers to increase share of wallet and product penetration.

Key insights include:
  • Delivering crucial insights and opportunities to make better business decisions
  • Sending alerts with detailed analyses of business activities for more accurate forecasting 
  • Modeling different scenarios to track and estimate how adjustments in financial decisions can influence outcomes