Be a data superhero with Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions

Within your financial institution (FI), you have the potential to be the hero of the day, if you unlock the power that’s lying dormant within your database. That power is your account holder data. 

But without a way to harness this data, it can become unwieldy and ineffective fast. FIs need to upgrade their data strategy to meet the fast-paced nature of digital interactions today. That’s why each step of Alkami’s data strategy – syndication, evaluation, and activation – is rooted in automation to gain the best results.

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Transaction Data Cleansing
Transform complex transaction descriptions into simple merchant names, categories, and logos. Our library science methodology blends human and machine capabilities for the fastest and most accurate data enhancement available.
AI Predictive Modeling
Accurately anticipate your account holders' financial journeys with efficiency, speed, and insights. Use out-of-the box or custom predictive models within weeks, making AI attainable for FIs of all sizes.
Customer Insights & Marketing Automation
Hit the easy button for marketing. With Alkami, you can launch targeted campaigns within minutes, automate campaign management and reporting, and gain an extension of your marketing team with Alkami Client Success.
Transform Digital Banking Into A Profit Generator
With Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions, FIs generate 13x ROI and $21 revenue per account on average every year.
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Transform Digital Banking Into A Profit Engine
Digital banking is mission critical to FIs. We understand the challenges and opportunities facing FIs as they begin this transformative journey. For advice on how to transform digital banking into a profit center for your FI, download your copy of the eBook
Tips for Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence Predictive Modeling
Artificial Intelligence Predictive Modeling (AI) isn’t a nice-to-have anymore. It’s a competitive advantage that FIs should begin harnessing right now. Using AI allows FIs to make sense of all the data produced by their account holders every day. Learn more in our white paper.
Ideal CU Launches Data & Marketing Solution on Alkami Digital Banking Platform
When superheroes combine powers, they can accomplish the impossible. That’s how Ideal Credit Union was able to achieve $1M+ worth of CDs opened with a data-backed campaign that took minutes to set up. Read more about Ideal CU’s data-driven strategy in this post.

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