On-Demand Product Showcase Webinar:

AI-Powered Digital Customer Service with Glia

Connor Pickens
Product Manager - Alkami
Jake Tyler
Virtual Assistant Specialist - Glia
Erin Toth
Virtual Assistant Specialist - Glia
Everything, Everywhere, All At Once: AI-Powered Digital Customer Service with Glia

Your account holders have high expectations for you as their financial institution (FI). After all, you manage one of their most valuable assets: their money. And they want to be able to interact with you (and their money) anytime, anywhere. 

As technology continues to revolutionize customer service, account holders offer their loyalty only to FIs that deliver a seamless, effective, always-on Digital Customer Service experience.

Key insights include:
  • Why Digital Customer Service is crucial to FI success
  • The power of virtual assistants to elevate customer service
  • Real results from an FI’s Digital Customer Service transformation

Automate up to 90% of service inquiries

Reduce average wait & hold time by up to 80%

Extend service hours 24/7