Improve Digital Customer Service efficiency & quality with Alkami + Glia

Your account holders are increasingly demanding robust digital experiences along with the ability to self-serve. Adding a turn-key virtual assistant or chatbot to your Digital Customer Service (DCS) offerings will differentiate your digital banking platform, improve efficiency, and quickly deliver the 24/7 self-service your account holders expect.

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Progressive financial institutions (FIs) continuously apply technology changes to stay competitive and responsive to account holder needs. This infographic details why it is important to implement DCS before technology changes, such as digital banking conversions or upgrades. It highlights three common pitfalls when going through these technology changes and five ways to avoid them and drive adoption throughout these changes with DCS.

Built specifically for FIs, Glia Virtual Assistants automate routine service inquiries to help account holders self-serve and navigate your public and authenticated digital properties. They are fueled by 800+ banking user goals and a content management system to easily customize responses.

Virtual assistants can be a powerful tool in your institution’s digital toolbelt, providing your users with effective self-service options while also empowering your staff to perform even better than before. Perhaps you have considered implementing your own chatbot solution, or you want to learn more about the hows and whys of the technology. This guide will walk you through some things to consider and basic questions you’re bound to have on your journey to getting your own AI-powered chatbot.

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