Achieve Revenue Goals with Digital Banking

Traditionally, online banking has been viewed as a service channel, but it holds so much more potential for your institution. By cleansing and contextualizing member data, you can understand their financial behaviors and deliver personalized engagements and offers – driving conversions and product adoption. According to PwC, FIs can generate a 70% return on initiatives by targeting existing members versus a 10% return trying to acquire new members.

Credit unions that partner with Alkami are setting the pace of innovation. According to Alkami Primary Research,* more consumers leveraging the Alkami Platform are completely satisfied with their digital banking experience and functionality than customers of megabanks and other regional and community financial institutions.

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*Source: Alkami Primary Research February 2023 (a survey comprised of 809 Alkami customers, mega bank customers, neobank customers, and other regional and community financial institutions).