On-Demand Product Showcase Webinar:

Picking Up the Pace of A2A Instant Transfers with Alacriti

Jeff Bucher
Senior Product Manager - Alkami
Stuart Bain
SVP of Product Management - Alacriti
Paul Steinbrecher
Director of Solution Consulting - Alacriti
The key to delivering a modern payments experience? Simplicity and speed.

As digital payments continue to rise to all-time-highs in the US, so do the expectations and demands of consumers. Your users crave frictionless experiences, and they want to make payments and transfers with both convenience and speed. When it comes to funding accounts, making loan payments, or transferring money externally, inefficient money movement processes can be costly, frustrating and quite frankly– grounds for considering a new FI.

To meet their demands and strengthen your PFI status, it’s crucial to modernize your payments strategy.

Discover how Alacriti’s money movement and payments products can be seamlessly integrated into the Alkami platform to bring greater speed, flexibility and convenience to your users’ day-to-day payments needs.

Key insights include:
  • How to embrace the faster payments movement by enabling instant payments via the RTP® network and FedNow Service.
  • How to offer a broader range of payment channels, methods, and options to your users through debit card account funding.